Arctic Spas Hot Tub Sizes - Overview

Arctic Spa Sizes

Arctic Spas offers an outstanding variety of hot tubs, no matter your personal preference. From standard hot tub sizes to large hot tub dimensions, from any height to custom dimensions, we have the hot tub you’re looking for! Our hot tubs are notable for their award-winning design, advanced features and beautiful yet functional construction.

Once you’ve decided on the size of your hot tub, it’s easy to maintain an Arctic Spas hot tub. With optional features like our Onzen™ Salt Water System and internet-linked hot tub controls, professional maintenance isn’t far-fetched…it’s right at your fingertips and fun to use, too! Even if you choose an average hot tub size, the available options and streamlined maintenance methods are anything but average!

But size is just as important as style and self-servicing your hot tub, maybe more so. Let take a look at some variables you should consider before deciding on a particular size of hot tub. Just like any important purchase, a little research will go a long way in determining how much you get out of your Arctic Spas hot tub.

Which Hot Tub Size is for Me?

Ask yourself the following questions to see which Arctic Spas hot tub is best for you. Depending on your lifestyle, budget, family size and other considerations, your hot tub dimensions could vary greatly.

How many people will use my hot tub on a regular basis?

If you have a large family that enjoys relaxing outdoors, an 8 person spa might be the right choice. Conversely, if it’s just you and your spouse, a one or two person spa provides the perfect amount of room.

Will the size of my hot tub impact other outdoor areas?

Smaller yards have their own space considerations, but even larger outdoor spaces must integrate a permanent accessory such as an Arctic Spas hot tub. The great thing about Arctic Spas is their top-to-bottom durability. Ultra-strong Mylovac covers repel snow, rain, wind and other elements, while the Forever Floor design ensures pests, ground moisture and other hazards stay out of your hot tub, saving you money in the long run!

Which hot tub dimensions work best for me?

Not sure which length, width and height to purchase? Stop by one of our hot tub outlet stores, or download a brochure for more information on hot tub types and sizes.

With Arctic Spas great selection of different hot tub sizes, you’ll open up a world of possibilities, whether it’s at your home, vacation house and more. Entertain. Invigorate. Unwind.


Host a party, or enjoy some downtime with your significant other. Treat your guests to luxury, or hit the reset button before the upcoming work week. However you define “entertainment,” Arctic Spas has a hot tub to meet and exceed expectations!


Every hot tub from Arctic Spas has perfectly positioned water jets, ergonomic contours and other features that promote the perfect environment for one of the latest therapeutic techniques: hydrotherapy.


Nothing beats a relaxing morning, afternoon or evening in an Arctic Spas hot tub. Read a book. While away the hours. Unplug from the daily stress of work. With an Arctic Spas hot tub, you’ll achieve a level of comfort and peace of mind you never thought possible.